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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Terms of re-engagement

PAKISTAN-US relations have entered a new and tense phase following President Donald Trump’s harsh allegations and threats against Pakistan in August and Islamabad’s angry response. Both sides, however, appear inclined to re-engage with each other. The nature of the future relationship will be determined by...

ITBP to raise maiden mechanised column for quick deployment at China border

For the first time in its over 50 years history, the ITBP is raising and deploying a mechanised column of power vehicles and machines to speedily mobilise troops along the India-China border in case of Chinese military transgressions and Doklam-like standoffs. The decision to raise...

Putin Plans to Stay Long in Middle East

By Hussain Abid Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is proving himself to be a crafty and shrewd statesman. His two-decade rule has brought Russia not only internal stability, ridding it of petty squabbles, but has made it to reemerge as a major power in global politics....
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