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Saturday, August 15, 2020
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The Enduring Hypocrisy of Nuclear No First Use

Courtesy Modern Diplomacy- In realist paradigm of International relations, one shall not solely trust the words of another state when it is a matter of a threat to national security. States can abrogate even a mutual pact when it is conflicting with their national interests....

India-Pakistan’s lessons for peace in North Korea

Courtesy The Washington Post- Retired CIA director Gen. Michael V. Hayden recently told New Yorker writer Robin Wright that any diplomatic solution “will have to, in one way or another, concede North Korea’s nuclear status. Nothing else is possible.” As a former deputy chief of...

Saudi Arabia is moving to rein in its religious police. Sort of.

Courtesy The Washington Post- Early last month, the Saudi parliament held a biting public constitutional debate about enforcing Islamic law, one with far-reaching implications for how the kingdom is governed. The argument was part of a larger struggle over subduing the Hay’a, the body (often...

Can Pakistan-India ties be normal?

Courtesy Dawn- AS people in Pakistan and India celebrate the 70th anniversary of their independence, they should spare a moment for introspection. The story of their relations is largely a history of conflict, war and acrimony. The traumatic circumstances of their independence still live in...
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