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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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BRI & CPEC: Venturing into the Future

This special report first gives a background of the BRI, its vision and elements including brief introduction of overland and maritime corridors. It also brings out areas of policy collaboration identified by China for successful completion of BRI. The second section gives an overview...

Iran & Pakistan: A Complicated Relationship

The history of Iran - Pakistan relations has had certain distinct features and characteristics over the past   seven decades.   The two, in the initial phase of their relationship,   had an immensely  cooperative  relationship.   Iran was the first country to extend  recognition to Pakistan. The ...

India’s Anti-Satellite Test

On 27 March, 2019, Indian Prime Minister  Narendra  Modi  declared  his country to be a ‘space power’. He announced that India has successfully tested an Anti- Satellite (A-SAT) weapon i.e. an Indian  ground-launched  missile shot down one of India’s test satellite in the low...

Pakistan’s Tough Balancing Game in the Gulf

On February 17-18, 2019, Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman made his first two-day state visit to Pakistan as part of a  major regional tour after Khashoggi’s  murder had blighted  the  shine  of the  Kingdom’s  de  facto  ruler  in  the  West  as  a reformer ...

Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad: Evaluating the gains & gauging the challenges ahead

Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad: Evaluating the gains & gauging the challenges ahead from ipipk Download Working Paper Here

Battle of narratives

Pakistan’s plan of action is to project itself as pro-peace, writes Syeda Mamoona Rubab Active military engagement between Pakistan and India in the aftermath of the Pulwama incident took place for merely two days, but the two sides are continuing their battle of narratives, which...

Pakistan-India Standoff: Lessons and Way Forward

Pakistan India Standoff: Lessons and Way Forward from ipipk Download Working Paper here

Agenda for New Foreign Secretary

By Mamoona Rubab With Tehmina Janjua’s retirement coming up, a new foreign secretary will be taking over. Syeda Mamoona Rubab shares what she knows of the new foreign secretary In today’s interconnected world, people take great interest in foreign policy because it is about conflict and...

One step forward with EU

By Syeda Mamoona Rubab After protracted negotiations spanning over several years, Pakistan and the European Union (EU) this week finally agreed on the Strategic Engagement Plan (SEP), which would elevate the relationship between Islamabad and the 28-member European bloc to a comprehensive strategic partnership. The agreement...

Uncertainty in Afghanistan

By Syeda Mamoona Rubab Prime Minister Imran Khan’s prediction of an incoming “good government” in Kabul has compounded the anxiety of the Afghan government that was nervously watching the talks between the United States and the Taliban progress in Doha. Speaking in Bajaur three days after US...
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