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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Syed Sajjad Bokhari

Pak-Iran ties against Terrorism, extremism

Recent years have seen some distinct phenomena in developing world generally and Muslim world particularly. These phenomena are state collapse, rise of non-state actors,...

Asad Rahim Khan

History of Violence

AROUND a hundred years ago, Afghan emir Abdul Rahman declared war on the Hazara people. The emir’s armies killed, raped, and enslaved thousands of...

‘Surgical Reich’

Hail Britannia

Asghar vs Aslam

Not so weak


Is America and Iran on a collision course?

By Mamoona Rubab The world is not ready for a new US-led war, writes Syeda Mamoona Rubab Tensions have escalated sharply in the Middle East after...

A game changer in Tehran?

Khan in Tehran


Any honest peace broker around?

By Asma Khalid Nuclear armed Pakistan and India have been locked in an endless conflict over Kashmir ever since...